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Bath Bombs

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Experience luxurious spa treatments without leaving your home with these bath bombs! Relax in a fragrant and calming bath of essential oils that will soothe your muscles and calm your senses. The vibrant colors are sure to help you relax and enjoy your time in the tub.

•Berry Vanilla Sprinkle Donut: Fruity cake with strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries backed by a gentle floral center and resting on a sweet vanilla and musk base. 

•Scottish Raspberry Rose Petal Donut: Mood enhancing essences of Scottish raspberry, red rose petals, and a delicate vanilla amber overtone. 

•Moonlight Kiss Fizzy Donut: Rose, Light lemon top notes, a tea infusion, gentle sage, a delicate cedarwood and amber base, and a deep musky ingredient combined to create a profoundly sensual scent.

•Mango Margarita Fizzy: Sweet juicy tropical mango scent with notes of ripe [a[aya skin, orange, raspberry, and a crispy green apple.

•Go To Sleep- Aromatherapy: Lavendar, Chamomile, and Vetiver to help avoid sleeplessness.

•Honey Oatmeal Donut Fizzy: Calming scents of oats, thick creamy French vanilla, milk, and notes of nutty almond and traces of honey. 

•Cherry Lemonade Fizzy: Cherry Scents with traces of sparkling lemon soothed by vanilla and tingling lime.

•Finley Shark Attack Color Stream: Fresh ocean scents with notes of seaweed. Red/Pink streaming blood appearance. 

Individually wrapped and fully labeled (name and ingredients). Biodegradable, Organic, and Vegan!!